Innholdsmarkedsføring fra CCT

We develop technology that optimises advertising in social media. We have been able to document amazing results so far and we are planning a rapid and powerful growth. We are focusing efforts to get our technology into new vertical markets and extend our activities to new segments and new countries. The Country Manager will play a key role in launching and establishing CCT in the UK, and we look forward to receiving applications from aspiring candidates who see the exciting opportunities that exist in this market, says Christian Overaa, General Manager of CCT Group.

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Real property experience

Are you the UK Country Manager CCT needs?

Are you the UK Country Manager CCT needs?

This technology is an independent channel management tool that creates, targets and validates digital market measures. Advanced algorithms help our technology increase output and provide excellent measurement capabilities to assess the efficacy of marketing measures. The Country Manager will take charge of initiating new customer relationships and creating the best possible value for potential customers through needs analysis processes.

CCT is working to establish many different high-density verticals for our products. One of the main verticals is real property, which has proven very successful for CCT in Scandinavia. CCT aims to take a leading position in this UK segment rather quickly. Candidates with experience from real property who know there stuff are probably most appropriate for the job, said Christian Overaa.

Are you good at creating excellent customer relationships?

The role of Country Manager requires an intimate understanding of customer relations. The Country Manager should consider customer sales and marketing processes to be more important than an in-depth understanding of digital marketing. CCT’s technology and solution are simple to understand, and the ability to quickly establish client relationships within the areas that our company considers most important is a key part of this job. The position is based in London, but you should expect to travel.

One prerequisite for the job is a good understanding of economics so you can develop profitability models that clearly show the value our services have for different sectors and customers. It is also important to understand how technology has changed the assumptions and rules for how advertisers work. We are talking about a person who not only understands the economics of the game, but who also knows how the market has changed fundamentally these past few years, Overaa said.

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An important job

At CCT you will be given the opportunity to work with leaders who helped our organization grow and who are successful in digital media and marketing. You will also be dealing with CCT’s owners from around the world who have the ability and willingness to invest.

We are at the forefront of technology in a market that everyone considers the new megatrend, so we do not have any real competitors in the market yet, and we have all the advantages of being ahead of the game. The Country Manager will be working with the management team at the company and will play an important role in future market positioning, Overaa said in conclusion.

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