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Our davits use advanced systems to compensate for wave height, damp shock and counteract pendulation, combined with a robust davit construction. That means our davits can tackle rougher conditions at sea than any other davits and help our customers carry out operations at sea, regardless of weather or wave height, says Kalve, Head of Development at Vestdavit.

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Safe, fast and controlled

Almost half of all Vestdavit’s deliveries go to navy and coast guard vessels, where requirements for safety, efficiency and functionality are higher than usual.

Naval and coast guard vessels often operate in very difficult conditions. This requires equipment that can protect the ship’s crew while allowing operations to be completed in an efficient and safe manner. Our davits are designed to launch and recover MOB boats safely, quickly and in a controlled manner, even in the roughest conditions. This is a perfect solution for large vessels and smaller ships, Kalve points out.

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Entering the 21st Century

Good technical solutions and smart programming are the roads to safety and stability, and Vestdavit design and manufacture products that can be used in the most extreme conditions. Many Indian vessels still operate with technology from the 1960s, so modern solutions would without a doubt serve them well.

Equipment should not be a decisive factor when determining whether a mission can be carried out, which in some cases means saving lives. So far, everything from aircraft carriers to state-of-the-art LCS Class ships have decided to take advantage of Vestdavit’s solutions; our company has many good references from satisfied customers. We want to be part of the process of moving the Indian Navy into the 21st Century, Kalve says.

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Products on all seven seas

One of the reasons for Vestdavit’s steady growth as the world’s leading supplier of davits to navies, coast guards and the offshore industry around the world is the wide range solutions they can offer.

We can provide solutions for everything from aircraft carriers to ice–breakers, and we offer a variety of options. Two-point or single-point lifts, hard frame (H-davits) or telescopic, automatic, manual, hydraulic or electric davits. We have many years of experience designing specialised davits that are suited to any kind of sea-going vessel, and we offer revolutionary, space-saving and effective multi-systems that no one else has.  Vestdavit has now launched its MissionEase system, which is a flexible solution to handle many different kinds of boats using only one or two davits. Your imagination will define the limits of what we can do, the Vestdavit salesman says.

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Global support for life

Vestdavit's customers benefit from the company's commitment to lifetime global support.

Vestdavit has service partners all over the world who are ready to perform annual inspections and do servicing work, which are supported by a highly–developed parts system that ensures fast and accurate delivery of critical spare parts. We also have our own training centre, the Vestdavit Academy, which provides targeted training on the use of Vestdavit equipment. User training helps our customer use the davits to the fullest, which means that the vessels can maintain constant emergency preparedness, Kalve says.

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